Linen copy – high quality linen from Estonia. Hand-knitted braids are separate pieces that can be wrapped and layered around the neck in different ways, or tied in the hair like a headband. After braiding, I carefully comb the flax fringes by hand, soak them, smooth them and at the end apply jojoba oil with a gentle massage. I only use it in natural and black.

4 types of sizes:

1- braid width 0.8 cm and length 220-250 cm – 750czk/31$

2- braid width 1cm and length 220_250cm – 800czk/$33

3- braid width 2cm and length 220-250cm- 1650czk/70$

4- braid width 2.5cm and length 220-250cm – 2000czk/85$

If you are interested, please contact us to arrange payment and delivery method.


00420 732 334 680